A facelift is perhaps Dr. Green’s favorite Aesthetic procedure to perform. Dr. Green’s passion for facial rejuvenation is most obvious in his facelift procedures. Due to this passion Dr. Green writes and lectures frequently on the topic of facelift also known as a cervicofacial rhytidectomy. Our focus at The Aesthetic Face is the rejuvenation of the Aging Face and by limiting his focus to the face Dr. Green feels this provides a superior outcome to our patients. While the media has popularized many mini or non-invasive facelifts lately this often represents expensive gimmicks leaving patients frustrated and disappointed. Dr. Green performs a contemporary comprehensive facelift and it is this technique that consistently takes our patients back 10, 15, or 20 years. 

Comprehensive Facial Aesthetic Rejuvenation

A facelift is frequently performed in conjunction with laser resurfacing, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), brow lift, chin and cheek augmentation, fat transfer, and/or liposuction, to create an overall rejuvenation of the face. While many providers focus on an area of the face they can fix with a single surgical procedure, Dr. Green’s attention to all of your concerns results in a comprehensive treatment plan that will address all of your Aesthetic needs often in one surgery using combined surgical procedures.

The Procedure

Facelifts are performed either in either an outpatient surgical center or utilizing our in-office surgical suite. Procedures are either performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia depending upon the patient’s needs and health history which must be assessed by your primary care doctor before your procedure can be performed.

Dr. Green uses incisions inside the hairline at the temple, in front of the ear, then around the earlobe and behind the ear, ending at the scalp area. Dr. Green also uses a small incision under the chin to further tighten the underlying neck muscles which provide an improved and longer lasting outcome. Excess skin is then removed and lax muscles and connective tissues are tightened. In some cases, fatty deposits are removed from beneath the chin and neck. Incisions are closed with small resorbable sutures.

Dr. Green does not use the cumbersome drains that others often employ with facelift surgery and has excellent results without them.

Facelift Surgery Before and After

Facelift Surgery Recovery

During your preoperative visit, a long list of things to expect during your recovery are reviewed and all of your questions are answered by Dr. Green. We tell all of our facelift patients to expect two weeks of downtime outside of the public eye. Some of our patients recover faster and are out and about in a week but this two-week window is more realistic. In addition, this two-week window also covers any adjunctive procedures you may choose to undergo such as laser resurfacing, eyelid surgery, facial implants etc. By combining these procedures Dr. Green can better meet our patient’s needs as well as prevent them future procedures with additional downtime.

facelift scars and neck lift scars

Many patients ask about the scars that are left from a facelift or neck lift surgery. The incisions Dr. Green uses are carefully crafted in order to be hidden and are nearly imperceptible once healed. In addition to wonderfully designed incisions, Dr. Green offers laser resurfacing of incisions to any patient that would like the icing on the cake of facelift surgery.

Facelift Plastic Surgery Costs

Patients frequently call requesting cost estimates of the procedures they are considering. Many surgeons refuse outright but we understand that you may just be trying to see if what they are considering is in the ballpark. Often times the prices provided online are teasers to get the patient in the door before lots of “required additions” are made.

While we do provide fees here for you to consider the majority of our fees are given as a range. This is because every face is different and patients present with varying degrees of aging. One patient may truly require a mini or small facelift while another requires a much larger facelift to achieve their treatment goals.

Dr. Green performs several facelifts per month and of those lifts prices range from $6,500-9,500 depending on the type of lift, complexity, etc.